Making Healthy Environments More Sustainable



The Importance of Environmental Health and Safety

Consumers demand clean, healthy environments. We help our customers ensure environmental health and safety in every industry: from hotel guest satisfaction to hospital and long-term care patient safety. With a focus on environmental hygiene and cleaning, we take our solutions beyond performance outcomes to make healthy environments more sustainable. Whether it’s providing sanitizing solutions in food production and preparation, disinfectants to help reduce the risk of HAIs in healthcare or purification solutions for water reuse, we help customers deliver exceptional experiences while reducing costs, enhancing employee safety and improving sustainability in their facility care and food service processes.

Improving Environmental Hygiene to Protect Patients, Guests and Workers

Ecolab offers a variety of environmental cleaning solutions and data-driven insights to help customers run clean, safe, efficient and sustainable operations in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and other institutional facilities.

Healthy Environment Innovations

Ecolab employs innovative technologies to help customers achieve their environmental hygiene goals.  In 2017, we helped wash more than 40 billion hands, 150 billion plates and 110 million loads of laundry and helped clean more than 800 million hotel rooms and 6 million hospital and long-term care patient rooms.

Health Success Stories

Learn how Ecolab partners with customers to offer environmental cleaning and hygiene programs to help ensure healthy environments to protect guests, patients and employees.

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Health Innovations

Learn more about Ecolab's innovative programs and products that help customers address environmental cleaning and hygiene issues.

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Health Resources

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Avian Influenza
Controlling Environmental Pathogens That Make People Sick

Learn about bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. These detailed fact sheets provide background information on each microbial risk, the symptoms it causes, and how it is transmitted and controlled.

Healthy Environment Experts
Health Experts

Our R&D team brings together the expertise of microbiologists, chemists, entomologists and more.

Nexa Hand Sanitizing Station Prevents HAIs
Preventing HAIs

Studies have shown that the environment plays a direct role in the transmission of healthcare associated infections. Our comprehensive approach to environmental cleaning includes training, tools, objective monitoring and real-time reporting to positively change staff behavior.

Health Videos

Watch videos that demonstrate Ecolab’s innovative programs that help customers address environmental hygiene issues.

Ecolab Healthcare Programs

Ecolab Healthcare programs address critical issues that affect patient outcomes and your hospital's bottom line. Our programs can help optimize patient care, provide hospital wide efficiency, improved patient and staff satisfaction and help build your hospital's reputation for quality in the markets you serve.

Ecolab Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

The Ecolab Compliance Monitoring System, a part of our complete Hand Hygiene Program, helps your hospital accurately monitor hand hygiene to encourage positive change. As handwashing compliance increases, the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) decreases and patient outcomes improve.

Health Solutions

Learn how Ecolab’s environmental cleaning and hygiene solutions create a clean environment to drive higher compliance rates and healthier, safer environments for customers.

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