On-site Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing

Heavy equipment manufacturers for agriculture, construction, mining and energy sectors are driven to maximize production efficiency while minimizing resource consumption.

Nalco Water innovative solutions for heavy equipment manufacturers can help you achieve your goals to optimize site water usage, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption and improve process operations. Our on-site experts can help you reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and improve production quality while enhancing asset life.

Cooling Water Solutions

Nalco Water cooling water technologies enable heavy equipment manufacturers to use reclaimed process rinse waters as cooling tower make-up and, in certain cases, eliminate the use of freshwater for cooling towers – all with assured asset preservation. Nalco Water 3D TRASAR™ Cooling Water Technology can detect system variability, determine the correct response and deliver efficiencies of operation and cost.

Water Reuse and Recycling Programs

 Heavy equipment manufacturers have a commitment to using water responsibly and reducing water consumption intensity at their plants. Nalco Water enables our customers to implement site specific water reuse and recycle programs to significantly reduce freshwater consumption. Having the ability to engineer, design, build, operate and maintain reuse/recycle systems with flexible financing options mean the customer can control operating costs while meeting or exceeding their water targets.

Wastewater Treatment

Waste minimization and recycling is a big focus area for heavy machinery OEM’s as many drive to achieve zero waste to landfill status across their manufacturing sites. Wastewater treatment demands as much attention as other processes within your operation. Nalco Water offers a number of integrated solutions and  tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge, to minimize waste, remove heavy metals, BOD/COD aimed at keeping our customers compliant with all regulatory permits while helping them meet their waste targets.


Water Pretreatment

Heavy equipment and machinery customers get their water from a variety of sources – municipal, ground, surface and other. Some manufacturing sites may have a combination of water source as well. To ensure there is consistent water quality and quantity being delivered to cooling, paint pre-treatment, wash or other manufacturing process, Nalco Water provides a full suite of water pre-treatment solutions for heavy equipment manufacturers.  We have capabilities in RO/DI systems (mobile), equipment/ water treatment chemistry, automation and digital platforms. Whichever approach fits your needs, it will be delivered through expert onsite service enabling us to drove successful, performance-based outcomes.


Boiler Water Treatment

Steam quality and quantity is critical to some applications within the manufacturing sites of heavy equipment and machinery OEM’s. Nalco Water helps customers globally with boiler systems through automation, service, specialty chemistry and equipment to drive overall reduction of total cost of operation. Our experience with fire-tube and water-tube boilers optimization along with an advanced automation platform can result in water and energy savings with improved asset life.


Paint Shop Solutions and Services

From the pretreatment, phosphate and e-coat, stages to the paint booth, regardless of it being wet/dry or powder coat, the Nalco Water Total Booth Management program enables our heavy machinery OEM’s to run the paint shop efficiently – minimizing water and optimizing paint quality.

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