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Asset Integrity

chemical management solutions: asset integrity

A robust chemical management system is a key part of any asset integrity program, and no service company has more experience working with operators to improve asset functionality, support safe operations and protect the environment of the communities where our customers operate.

The components of a solid asset integrity program bring coordinated corrosion, biocide and H2S mitigation programs together as the central pillar of the chemical management program.


Mitigating internal corrosion risks in your midstream asset is not just about finding the right chemical package. Nalco Champion personnel start by understanding the operating parameters of the entire system, evaluating past corrosion failures, and making operational and chemical management recommendations that dramatically reduce the potential of corrosion failures.

H2S Control

Nalco Champion has the end-to-end H2S removal equipment and solutions to keep H2S to a manageable and safe level, to reduce the impact of H2S on your operations. The combination of UltraFab towers and customized chemical solutions brings extremely cost-effective H2S solutions to the midstream industry.


With the wide variety of microbe types in oil and gas operations, the task of mitigating microbial activity is a complex one. Nalco Champion's biocide team will give you access to the world's most advanced biocide assessment and mitigation programs.

keeping systems clean

Nalco Champion personnel are trained to mitigate threats to midstream systems before they happen. Deposits in pipeline systems create conditions that undermine system reliability. Our midstream cleaner programs are a vital component of our overall asset integrity programs.