How to read a GHS SDS

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GHS SDSs have 16 sections, which is similar to the current Ecolab SDS format in many countries

They are:

Section 1. Identification – Product identifier, manufacturer or distributor name, address, phone number, emergency phone number, recommended use, restrictions on use
Section 2. Hazard(s) identification – Hazards associated with the product, required label elements
Section 3. Composition/information on ingredients – Information on chemical ingredients, trade secret claims
Section 4. First-aid measures – Symptoms/effects, required treatment
Section 5. Fire-fighting measures – Suitable extinguishing techniques, equipment, chemical hazards from fire
Section 6. Accidental release measures – Emergency procedures, protective equipment, proper methods of containment and cleanup
Section 7. Handling and store – Precautions for safe handling and storage, incompatibilities
Section 8. Exposure controls/personal protection – Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs), appropriate engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE)
Section 9. Physical and chemical properties – Chemical characteristics
Section 10. Stability and reactivity – Chemical stability, hazardous reactions
Section 11. Toxicological information – Routes of exposure, related symptoms, acute and chronic effects, numerical estimates of toxicity
Section 12. Ecological information – Acute and chronic effects to aquatic organisms, biodegradability
Section 13. Disposal considerations – Information on proper disposal
Section 14. Transport information – Information on proper transportation and classification
Section 15. Regulatory information – Information concerning other pertinent regulations
Section 16. Other information – Date of preparation or last revision